This package includes our very own trading strategy, the resource guide, and a one month membership. The SSP Trading Strategy consists of a detailed method that assists you in creating your own, personalized trading strategy. We cover our three main trading strategies as well: flipping penny stocks, swing trading, and morning gap and runs while providing scanner setups for each one. We provide you with charts and other images in order to give you a visual and annotated representation of various trading situations with entry and exit points. The file is 27 pages long and is full of very beneficial information. The SSP resource guideconsists of over 100 resources and a paragraph description for each one. The SSP team posts their top recommendations of resources, why they are beneficial, and the potential few downsides. The different resource categories are: Analysis, Research, News, Phone Applications, Charting, Stock Options, Stock Screening, Brokers, Books, Online Informational Reads, Blogs, Finding Pumps and Promotions, Other Recommended Services, Biotechnology Research, and Recommended Social Media Accounts. The SSP team created this to assist all kinds of traders and guiding them with the proper tools and resources. You will find that our insight is very useful and we guarantee that you will benefit from this guide.

 The SSP membership provides you with:

- Chat room access (including four moderators)
- Multiple daily email trading alerts
- Newsletter subscription
- Multiple trading tips
- Recent chart analysis
- Product Discounts
- Beneficial articles, websites, and videos
- Weekly watch list
- Current market news

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