Terminology Guide - "L"

Limit Order: An order that allows you to specify the price that you want to buy or sell the stock. It is not guaranteed to fill like a market order, but it is an ideal order type for maximizing gains.

Line Chart: A chart style that connects the closing prices of the plotted security over a span of time. This is the least common chart type for technical traders as they do not provide as much information as bar or candlestick charts.

Liquidity: The ability to buy and sell a stock with ease due to high volume. A stock with high volume has high liquidity and will not cause large price swings when you buy or sell. A stock with low volume has low liquidity and will become more volatile as you buy and sell. High liquidity stocks are seen as safer investments as you can get in and out easily.

Long: Anticipating that the stock price will go up or buying the stock.

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